i feel i think i say…


As this is my first post, today I would like to say something about the purpose of my blog.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to write. Exactly what I did want to write about, was a mystery to me – but it was a dream that persisted without wilting well into my adulthood. I used to day dream of becoming a writer, whose works got raving reviews!.I also published a stray article or two over the years. Somewhere deep down, the fear of being rejected by publishers and readers stayed with me.

I had strong opinions, reasonable english, but very little courage to bare my soul! The writing dreams evolved from unrealistic booker winning ones to just wanting an outlet to my expressions and finding some readers who can actually relate to what I feel and give me honest reviews.

Blogging hence seemed like a good option.

To introduce myself — I am a psychiatrist by profession, very passionate about making the world a better place,and hate injustice of any kind – to nature, women and children especially — which I am exposed to every day in my line of work! Issues ranging from adultery to slyly veiled dowry abuse, children giving up their dreams due to adult deficiencies, abuse both physical and sexual, religious intolerance…. The list goes on. It makes my blood boil, so to say, and cool as fast — because I have my next patient to attend to — but the thoughts remain and make me uncomfortable!

A lot of times, reassuringly nice things crop up in the most unlikely situations– like the time a mentally challenged child who was always chided for being extremely impulsive suddenly becomes a hero in the village when he picks up a child from the path of a raging bull without any thought for the danger! The same impulsivity, but what a difference in opinion!.These make me smile and feel that there is hope again!

So, whenever I feel, I think and I say, please give me your feedback!

Bye for now.