well being…



Whenever I think well being, my mind flips through to the articles of glossies like Femina, Cosmo, or Filmfare(which I would like to pretend I do not read, but secretly love to!!), supplements of sunday newspapers or face book articles of extremely slim, highly attractive, non sweaty, clean scrubbed women wearing expensive sweat shirts talking about how early morning energizes them, the benefits of green tea, yoga, their conversations with God and a calm invigorating environment at home. In short, Zen!!

In comparison, my mornings begin with chaos, the day proceeds in chaos and I crash land on my bed at nights without realizing that I fell asleep in the middle of a bed time story telling session! The few days that I actually make up my mind to go for a walk ( after checking my weight for the umpteenth time to see whether climbing on the weighing scale constitutes exercise enough to lose flab), I do not remotely resemble the person whom I see in the magazines. I am half dead, wearing unmatched clothes(really, its too much trouble to look for color coordinated clothes when you are still half asleep), bleary eyed and waiting for an excuse to creep back into my warm inviting bed!!

And do I feel good after this early morning jaunt?? Most times, I have to go through multiple cups of coffee all day and controls yawns with great difficulty in front of my patients– when you do that, your eyes well up with tears– most of my patients probably think that my eyes welled in sympathy to their problems! And I come back home cross, waiting to sleep and almost bite anyone who tries to keep me up late!! You see, I have to exercise again, next morn!

I kept thinking that I was probably an anomaly of the species. How was it possible that so many people got it right, but I did not? But well, what the heck, even anomalies have a right to well being, don’t you think?. So I got round thinking up my own plans to ensure my well being, and found that the mantras were actually quite simple!

For a change, I realized that I was at a place in life where I could actually do what I wanted to do! No school time disciplines, no college exams, no deadlines to finish my thesis, no boyfriends(or newly married husband) that I had to take trouble to impress, no immediate financial worries….Already been there, done that!These were real blessings which had been forgotten. Just remembering them makes me feel good.

Indira Nooyi’s article on a working mother’s guilt struck a cord. Guilt was always my best chum. Unnecessary for most part, but ever present! Well, the fact that others who seem to have it all also suffer the same guilt, it sort of becomes a group thing. It is okay to live with it and crib. That makes me feel well.


The very thought that my daughter wants me back home at the end of the day, the tight warm hugs that my kids give me, the fun that we have have every night when we snuggle and read stories, the fun I have when my husband takes me out impromptu on a long drive, the pleasure on my son’s face when he asks for a second helping of something that I have cribbed and cooked for him.. these make me feel nice.

Weekends with a good read.. make me feel more energized.

Work well done, small victories against a patient’s illness, the feeling I get when one of my patients passes an important exam, lands up with a great job, comes with his bride…to thank my effort… these give me a warm sensation inside.

Finally the fact that I am living and kicking, my family safe and healthy– makes me extremely grateful.

Though there are many things going wrong in the world around us today, probably, these are the small things that keep us humans going, hoping and living. Hope all of us get to appreciate such small pleasures for what they give us.WELL BEING!(without the green tea and sweatshirts).


2 thoughts on “well being…

  1. lekha.kamath August 7, 2014 / 10:30 am

    Preeti, u write like u do others things,so well.U express what others feel in their mind but cant put in words.Nice going through it,kudos…


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