these are a few of my favorite things…

Today, I am feeling nice. And also have a serious case of writing diarrhea (like the verbal kind)! I have wanted to blog for so long, that now I just cant seem to stop writing! It was a hectic week at work, and now the long awaited weekend. So just a light hearted post for the weekend.

All of us have favorites in life. A favorite in my definition is someone or something which has a highly reliable index to get you out of a funk almost always.  This morning, I was humming the famous song from the movie “The Sound of Music”, where the governess to the seven children sings a song about how raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens happen to be her favorites. Out of nowhere, I had an inexplicable urge to put down a list of things which constituted my favorites(at least to check out whether they were as poetic as hers were!).

The list of ten was difficult to make because I am notoriously undecided. I feel like including a zilllion things which would probably be irrelevant. So I have cut it down to things which I define as giving me a feeling close to euphoria, some things which calm me down and invigorate me at the same time and do not lose their charm even after being repeatedly used as my favorites. So here goes…

  1. Drinking cold water after long hours of work/coming back from the market/after exercising.The burst of cold air that cools my face when I open the fridge, and the anticipation of my thirst ending..I feel like Katrina Kaif in the slice ad.. ecstatic!
  2. The smell of wet earth after the first shower of monsoon.. wish I could capture that fragrance and store it for a time when I want to feel nice! Wonder why no one has ever thought of a perfume of such a kind!


3. Palak paneer, rice and coke with a nice mystery read!

4. The first bite of dairy milk silk….yum!

5.The feeling I get when I get to speak to my close friend after a long long time

6. Unexpected but well deserved (I think)praise

7.A particular note of some songs…it may be a line with some lovely lyrics, or the way             the singer has worked the words with her voice or a particular line of music which                 sticks in my mind and remains a favorite. (I have a lot of these,and have a habit of                digressing, hence will not elaborate)

8.The smell of a book and bookshops- always!

9.When my children smile in their sleep—I take a lot of pics of these, so I can look at                them and feel soppy!

10. When I get lot of traffic on my blog..he, he just kidding… the last one but not the                   least is when I see nature in its unspoiled state. I would rate this the best. I just love             to sit and stare for hours when its rains hard or when I am travelling through                         jungles. The sense of calm that it gives me is enormous.My troubles just fade away              and I get clear headed.


The best part about making the list was that, just remembering all these things have made me slip into a great mood. Therefore thought I will share this with you… do let me know about your favorites too…have a great weekend!